24 Maggio 2022

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VIDEO. Volo incredibile sul Weisshorn (4.506 m) | Soul Flyers

Discover the Weisshorn from the sky🇨🇭

Discover the Weisshorn from the sky🇨🇭

For their first time above the 5th highest summit of the Alps Fred Fugen & Vincent Cotte “Veush” experienced an amazing flight jumping from the Héli-Alpes SA machine to a rocky canyon passing by this magnificent East Ridge without forgetting the icy Glacier🗻

We can’t thank enough Roger Dubuis for bringing us there for a special shooting🎞
As well as our taxi Loic Jean Albert and all our partners who allow us to share with you those unforgettable stories Redbull,Julbo, Squirrel, Cardo Systems 🙏

If you want to see the POV of this flight from Fred’s helmet, stay tuned, it will be out soon⏳

🎥 The one and only Vincent Cotte “Veush”

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Pubblicato da Soul Flyers su Mercoledì 18 maggio 2022

Per la loro prima volta sulla quinta vetta più alta delle Alpi, il Weisshorn (4.506 m), Fred Fugen e Vincent Cotte “Veush” hanno vissuto un volo incredibile, lanciandosi da Héli-Alpes SA verso un canyon roccioso, attraversando questa magnifica cresta Est senza dimenticare il ghiacciaio.

Riprese: Vincent Cotte “Veush”